In this digital age, organizations strive to balance business goals and user expectations. A simple, functional and appealing user interface designs is all that is required to stand out from the plethora of designs available in the market. This brings up the term UX into picture.

User Experience (UX) deals with the question ‘How the Product feels’, UX Designers are involved in solving specific user problems with the broad responsibility to ensure the product logically flows from one step to next. UX designer conducts in-person user tests to observe user behavior followed by reiterating and refining to produce the best user experience.

User Interface (UI) designers are concerned about ‘How the Product is laid out’. They deal with designing each page which the user interacts and ensure the UI visually communicates the path the UX designer has set up. They are also involved in creation of cohesive style guide that ensures consistent design language is applied to the Product design.

Technologies that make up attractive designs for applications include:


HTML5 (Hyper Text Markup Language) also known as ‘the language of web’ has incredible capabilities that makes it favorite for developers and designers. It combines with CSS and JavaScript to create simple, intuitive and browser friendly web pages.

HTML5 has been a remarkable advancement in the world of application development including website development, mobile web development, etc. HTML5 application development provides users fast, secure, responsive, experience for your products, service or website across multiple platforms. It is cheaper and more efficient to proceed with HTML5 app development compared to several native apps for different platforms. Latest versions of most of the dominant desktop and mobile browsers supports HTML5, this is an encouraging factor for every HTML5 developer to continue with HTML5 programming to develop responsive website design.

HTML5 templates are available in plenty and makes life easier for developers. With online availability of HTML5 responsive templates, HTML5 developers find it easier to search, select and customize templates and come up with right responsive web design. HTML5 cross platform compatibility is worth mentioning as they open on all mobile platforms irrespective of platform used.


With the technological advancements and rapid growth of devices, demands the need for Responsive websites. Bootstrap framework helps web designers for an easier development of Interface components.

Bootstrap is an open source popular HTML, CSS and JS framework released by Twitter for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web. Bootstrap responsive design is well suited for development of websites compatible for a wide range of mobile devices. Bootstrap design provides features of sleek web design and Bootstrap development is simpler and quicker. The easier implementation of Bootstrap is supported by the presence of only Bootstrap CSS after compilation and there are no images, flash or JavaScript.

Bootstrap web development is reckoning due to availability of plenty of free Bootstrap themes that can be customized as required. A Bootstrap designer needs to search and select a Bootstrap responsive theme and tweak the features as required by the customer. Bootstrap HTML have predefined styles for elements such as tables, forms, fonts and buttons. Bootstrap JavaScript plugins provides additional functionalities for web designs.

At Macrosoft, we are absolutely committed in driving excellent designs to our clients. Our team of UI and UX designers are well experienced in providing top-notch designs that provide the users the ultimate experience. We conduct through Requirement analysis, UX Research and come up with mockups and revisions before finalizing the design. We concentrate on the following design areas:

  1. UX Design
  2. UI Design
  3. Responsive Web Design
  4. Interaction Design
  5. Graphic Design

Macrosoft’s expertise in designing helps our clients to go that extra mile which is the differentiating factor in today’s competitive market.