In today’s technology driven world, mobile applications play a key role in fostering your business prospects. Mobile devices have revolutionized the way companies do their business and people access the internet for their needs such as shopping, business, education, etc. With the advent of mobile applications, customers leverage the power of technology to meet for their daily demands. Mobile apps need to be light weight, fast, and user friendly to fetch the user needs.

Whether you need user friendly applications for end users or applications for your business, we have proven experience in delivering wide range of mobile applications.

At Macrosoft, we take utmost care to analyze each and every requirement of our client and develop top notch solutions that meets their business demands. We engage highly skilled professionals to focus on delivering solutions adhering to quality standards. Our technical resources concentrate on the mobile application development aspects comprising of user experience, design, performance and security. We strive to build mobile applications adhering to the following aspects:

  1. Application architecture designed for scalability.
  2. Expertise pool of resources in multiple platforms.
  3. Proof of Concepts that are light weight and fast.
  4. Designers specialized in Usability and User experience.
  5. Aesthetically designed user friendly designs.
  6. Applications sticking to up-to-date security protocols.
  7. Dedicated Quality Assurance team for testing.


Macrosoft has development expertise spanning all major smartphone platforms. We offer custom made scalable web and mobile application development to clients who are ready to take plunge in the mobile arena. We are focusing on the following smartphone platforms for application development:

iPhone App development

Apple products continue to be brightest choice among the plethora of mobile devices available in the market. iPhone application development is one of the major trends in the current mobile application development industry. Most businesses concentrate on iPhone app development for enhancing their business to reach a wider audience.

With the emergence of economical versions of iPhone, it is quite clear that the number of iPhone users is on a rising trend thereby promoting mobile development with the help of app developers. To carry out apps development, you need a mobile application development company that has experience in multiple platforms comprising of skilled resources for iPhone apps development.

At Macrosoft, we aim to develop state-of-the-art mobile applications by leveraging a pool of amazing people who are experts in iPhone development platform. We help our clients in iPhone app development projects right from conception to launching in App Store. Our mobile application development services primarily focus on developing scalable, light weight applications.

Whether you are using iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, we build mobile solutions for iOS that are responsive on tablets as well as on iPhone. We focus on mobile web development by leveraging iPhone developer to create responsive websites. For each iPhone development project, we ensure the quality of the application with thorough testing cycles, for this we maintain a set of quality assurance professionals in addition to the iPhone app developer.

Android App development

Android is the fastest growing operating system gaining popularity with each update. Android’s versatility and flexibility made it one of the favorite operating system among users and developers. One of the biggest advantages of Android is its support for a wide variety of mobile device vendors when compared with Apple’s iOS. Android app development is one of the hot areas for mobile app development companies as they maintain developers having sound knowledge and technical acumen in providing Android development services. Organizations broaden their business whether e-commerce or B2B or other services with high quality apps developed with the help of Android developers from companies specialized in mobile apps development.

There are plethora of app development companies providing services including Android mobile app development, iPhone apps development, etc. It is always advisable to go for mobile app development company that provide bespoken solution your business needs at affordable rates.

Macrosoft has proven experience in mobile application development for various Android versions. We maintain a dedicated pool of skilled resources proficient in executing Android application development projects. Each Android developer at Macrosoft leverages the best tools and technologies available in the industry for mobile apps development. Macrosoft offer cost efficient and reliable Android apps development services for meeting your business demands.

Windows mobile App development

Windows mobile is slowly but definitely gaining traction among users and hardware manufacturers. There are a substantial number of users in this platform and they need good applications. As far as Enterprise users are concerned, Windows mobile is one of the most trusted platforms. Some features of Windows mobile include enterprise wide Security policy, Carrier independence, Support for Office, etc.

Windows mobile application is technically similar to developing Windows desktop applications. You need developers with sound knowledge in Windows development.

At Macrosoft, we have a strong team of Windows developers well versed in Microsoft technologies. They can move your requirement forward based on the business needs. For more information on development services for Windows phone, contact us.