vector-logoVektör Vehicle Tracking Android application for automobiles and drivers manage all mobile assets including vehicle location, speed, ignition, mileage, map view, send and receive your vehicles free of charge.

Contact Finder

finderThe app that gets you connected to new contacts! This is not a people finder through people’s names, it finds people through their employers, titles, locations. It allows users to find contacts that meet certain criteria.


hosteyeHostEye keeps an eye on your hosts. Check the service status of your servers while you are on the road, in a meeting or on vacation. Monitor your critical hosts and know what services are up and running or down.


iMeasureiForward provides automatic call forwarding to relieve the strain on cellular networks during times of high data transfer usage . You can download iForward app from Itunes by clicking the below link


backtoitOne click to mark the place you want to remember, and another click to go back! It is, but not just, a car locator. With one click, you can mark any of your favorite places like parking lots or favorite restaurants.


Save SMS turns a text message thread into an email attachment. All you have to do is link the account to your email, select a thread, and type in an email address. Checkout SaveSMS  by clicking link below