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iOS Development

iPhone/ iPad/ iWatch development

Android Development

Phone/ tablet development

Windows Development

Windows phone/ tablet development

Core Technologies


Concurrent, class-based and object-oriented.


Apple Operating System for iDevices

C/C++, C#, .Net

Object oriented coding for web applications


Elements and attributes for modern Websites

Javascript, jquery

Simplified client-side scripting using JavaScript libraries


Fat Free JavaScript Object Notation for data-interchange




UX & Design

In this digital age, organizations strive to balance business goals and user expectations. A simple, functional and appealing user interface designs is all that is required to stand out from the plethora of designs available in the market. This brings up the term UX into picture.

User Experience (UX) deals with the question ‘How the Product feels’, UX Designers are involved in solving specific user problems with the broad responsibility to ensure the product logically flows from one step to next. UX designer conducts in-person user tests to observe user behavior followed by reiterating and refining to produce the best user experience.

User Interface (UI) designers are concerned about ‘How the Product is laid out’. They deal with designing each page which the user interacts and ensure the UI visually communicates the path the UX designer has set up. They are also involved in creation of cohesive style guide that ensures consistent design language is applied to the Product design.



Mobile Apps Development

In today’s technology driven world, mobile applications play a key role in fostering your business prospects. Mobile devices have revolutionized the way companies do their business and people access the internet for their needs such as shopping, business, education, etc. 

With the advent of mobile applications, customers leverage the power of technology to meet for their daily demands. Mobile apps need to be light weight, fast, and user friendly to fetch the user needs.

Whether you need user friendly applications for end users or applications for your business, we have proven experience in delivering wide range of mobile applications.



Web Development

Websites are the globally accepted effective medium to promote business. A professionally designed website is the most cost effective marketing tool available across the globe. Websites helps in brand building and can influence customer’s credibility and has the power to turn visitors into customers.

Website development starts only after collecting the requirements and analyzing the same to estimate the cost involved in the process. Once all requirements are collected, we decide on the application architecture that suits the client’s business needs. Website design starts with creating mockups for the website. This will include multiple revisions for discovering the client’s satisfactory design. While Web design brings up graphics and layout to your site, Web development involves the complex coding process that holds applications together with the apt functional flow. A website implementation is successful only after it undergoes different stages of testing and is proved to be error free. This requires the web development team to stick to standard process methodologies such as Agile.


About Macrosoft

A leading-edge software design and development company.


Why Macrosoft

We Have over two decades of successful engagements, and an exceptional client list.


The senior leadership team has a combined 35 years of service with Macrosoft.



Many of our business relationships have continued for more than 5-10 years.

Experienced Enterprise Mobile Application professionals with Excellent Track record

More and more people are adapting to Smart Mobile Devices with growth in technology. Today, there seems to be a mobile application to do just about anything. From personal banking to shopping online using mobile apps. Mobile applications help customers by connecting them to Internet services more commonly accessed on desktop or notebook computers. Business are striving to stay ahead of each other and their primary goal is – How to go Mobile? Mobile Apps lets them to get closer to their customer and maximizing the relationship.

Be visible to your customers

The future of your business depends on how close you can get to your customers

Build brand recognition

The apps are bill board for your business advertising your presence helps with brand proximity

Lead Generation Tool

Mobile Apps help  you with better communication and engagement with potential customers.

Customer engagement

Improve  engagement and quicker responses to your customer needs and provide one-touch access to your contact information

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